Follett: Increasing the Follett’s Brand Awareness and Improving the User Experience

Follett has been a trusted partner to Pre-K and K-12 schools, districts and college campuses for more than 140 years.  They are the leading provider of education technology, services and print and digital content.  The company operates on more than 940 local campus stores and over 1,300 virtual stores across the continent.  Follett would like to continue this success story and gain an even larger presence in the digital market space.   Sirius Computer Solutions was brought in to perform an assessment and develop a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to elevate Follett’s digital presence to the next level.  


Project Goals

As a leader in providing education content and services Follett is committed to continue that tradition on the digital front.  As technology becomes a more mandatory part of any education system, it becomes increasingly important to gain and maintain a visible presence in the digital market space.  

Project Team

  • Paul Bucalo

    Practice Manager

    Lauren Cartmell

    Lead Designer

    Nicole Williams

    Information Architect

  • Pete Fazio

    UX Designer

    Aaron Haynes

    SEO Specialist

Project Results

The SEO Strategy and tactics employed led to a tremendous level of success:

  • 65% increase in organic traffic
  • 20% increase in conversions (from organic traffic)
  •  101% increase in revenue (from organic traffic)