Grinnell: Driving Business Value from Exceptional Digital Experiences

In 2014, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company (GMRC) partnered with Sirius Computer Solutions and IBM to conduct a Business Value Assessment (BVA) to assess how well an enterprise employee portal platform could serve employees, agents, and customers to reduce costs, drive operational efficiency, improvements, increase revenues, and improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  The primary challenges highlighted by the BVA, included:

— GMRC has many systems and interfaces with very little to no system integration;
— Lack of a central repository of information that is easily searchable, navigable, and shareable; and
— Lack of support for mobile devices. 


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Project Goals

From the BVA, Sirius/IBM proposed an employee portal to replace the current intranet site. The portal is intended to allow Grinnell to create a more cohesive experience for associates by providing them with a single place to find information and start processes or workflows. The goal is for the portal to provide a similar look and feel across internal pages and applications, and deliver a mobile-capable experience.  By introducing an exceptional digital experience solution, the following goals can be met:

  • Reduce silos and complexity of disparate systems
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty with enhanced user experiences anywhere, anytime, and with any device
  • Improve Grinnell’s competitive position and time to market for new initiatives
  • Reduce time and cost across operational areas

Project Team

  • Paul Bucalo

    Practice Manager

    Lauren Cartmell

    Lead Designer

    Nicole Williams

    Information Architect

  • Pete Fazio

    UX Designer

    Aaron Haynes

    SEO Specialist

Project Results

Grinnell has just kicked off the first phase in early 2015 with a planned 3+ year strategic roadmap.  The first phase will encompass efforts to improve the user experience, introduce a single digital delivery platform and facilitate better collaboration within Grinnell.   All of which are aimed to support the key business objectives of:

  • Increase revenues and profitability
  • Increase customer/agent satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase claims and underwriting operational capacity without adding costs
  • Improve time to market and value of new initiatives/product rollouts
  • Attract, grow and maintain an engaged and productive workforce