Kuakini Health Systems

Built on its strong cultural heritage and tradition of caring, Kuakini Health System is committed to providing high quality, safe, and compassionate health care services to the Hawaii community.  Because of this commitment, Kuakini Health System recognized the need to improve the methods and channels in which it partnered and engaged with its patients and medical practitioners around the world.  

Kuakini Health System engaged Sirius to assist with assessing and re-designing their current technology environment, delivering a better and more efficient experience for their patients and healthcare partners.

Project Goals

The key business drivers were enabling medical researchers around the world to easily and securely access information from anywhere, anytime.  Furthermore, Kuakini Health System needed to provide a self-intuitive and user friendly web site that rendered properly on mobile devices for the millennial patient demographic and older patient demographic (60+ years old).

Kuakini Health System has amassed and stored over 50 years of heart health data and 500 published studies, that medical professionals from around the globe had travel to Kuakini Health System’s facilities in Hawaii to access, which was very costly and not easy to achieve. 

With the evolution of mobile technologies patient’s expectations changed, expecting to easily access important information – medical records, finding a doctor, claims status, etc. – via the web and mobile platforms.

Kuakini Health System’s realized that to deliver continuous value to its medical partners and patients they needed to re-design their website to provide a great experience via any method of engagement – web, mobile, pc, smartphone or tablet.  Kuakini Health System also identified the need to implement a better solution for managing and delivering the content to its patients and medical practitioners.

Project Solution

Upon completing a technology assessment and solution discovery, Sirius recommended the following solutions:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Content Management System
  • Web Portal – Public & Secure Access
  • Responsive Web Design

Sirius leveraged its STRATUS delivery framework and collaborative partnering approach to assist Kuakini Health System in consolidating all its data into a centralized enterprise data warehouse, and develop a web portal that provides secure and non-secure access for patients and medical practitioners.  Leveraging leading business intelligence and content management tools, Kuakini Health System can easily provide ad hoc data queries and reporting, and serve the right content and the right time based on user (patient and medical professionals) requests.  To ensure Kuakini Health System historic culture was adhered too, Sirius provided advisory services on UI/UX design best practices to Kuakini Health System’s marketing and UI/UX design team.  

Project Team

  • Paul Bucalo

    Practice Manager

    Nicole Williams

    Information Architect

    Pete Fazio

    UX Designer

Project Results

Kuakini Health System achieved the following objectives from the solutions developed and implemented:

  • Increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty through improved account management tools and usability – secure, mobile enabled patient portal
  • Improved operational efficiencies via an Intranet for Support Request tracking
  • Market growth due to new engagement methods – web and mobile
  • Increased efficiencies in delivery of critical data to medical practitioners