Performance Bike: Architecting a Customer Learning Center

Performance Bike Learning Center
Performance Bike Learning Center
Performance Bike Learning Center

Performance Bike has celebrated over 30 years of success serving cyclists’ needs.  They have built a strong reputation as America’s leading multi-channel bicycle retailer.  With more than 100 Performance Bicycle stores located in 19 states and a successful commerce site, Performance Bike wanted to continue their commitment to providing value, education, expert advice and professional service to their loyal customer base.  The Performance Bike team wanted recreate the same expertise experience their customers have come to depend on from Performance Bike and incorporate the authoritative resource into the company’s website.  Sirius Computer Solutions was brought in to architect that vision and bring to fruition Performance Bike’s ongoing commitment to be the #1 destination for people who love to ride bikes.  


Case Study

Project Goals

UX DevelopmentExperience Management System (CMS)
The solution needed to have content management capabilities that would allow non-technical users the ability to submit content and provide the company’s brand manager and line of business employees the ability to proof the content before publishing it live on the site.  


Seamless User Experience
The CMS was created independent of the core eCommerce system, but act as one holistic system for consumers and business users.  


Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
The Experience Management System needed to provide granular control over SEO attributes through the CMS, such as user-crafted URLs, automatic category to URL mapping and rich snippets.


Project Team

  • Paul Bucalo

    Practice Manager

    Lauren Cartmell

    Lead Designer

    Nicole Williams

    Information Architect

  • Pete Fazio

    UX Designer

    Aaron Haynes

    SEO Specialist

Project Results

With a combination of easy-to-use content management features and Performances Bike’s solid reputation of the go-to resource for bike expertise, the Performance Bike Learning Center has yielded a successful launch.  The site is a top 10 traffic referral (beating YouTube and Yelp!), and traffic from the Learning Center converts at 1 percent.  The Learning Center serves as another pipeline for Performance Bike to better understand their community of users and continue to hold their commitments of unrivaled expertise and service.