Search Engine Optimization

Organically grow your audience

Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a Website is likely missing out on a large percentage of available organic traffic. Around 85% of people searching online only look at the first page of the search results – and there are over two-hundred different components that determine why a particular Website or page ranks where it does. 

As the competitive nature of the online landscape increases, it is imperative that your Website is not holding you back, is fully optimized, and following a customized SEO strategy. Technical SEO, strategic keywords, content that is engaging and optimized, social integration, and high-quality link and brand signal development are all crucial elements in getting your Website listed on the first page of search engine results.  

Onsite Analysis & Optimization

Sirius follows a systematic and comprehensive approach to audit, fix and customize your Website’s optimization, and provide a roadmap to help continue increasing traffic to your site and up your ranking in search engine results. Our three stage process includes:

  • Phase I – Auditing your Website to ensure the basic guidelines for SEO efficiency are met. Most developers focus on functionality and often overlook best practices for SEO. Sirius will conduct an in-depth analysis of your Website to identify any issues with meta tags, duplicate content, Panda issues, link equity dispersion, responsive design, site speeds, and other important metrics that can impact your sites ability to effectively leverage its authority.
  • Phase II – Implementation of SEO fixes. We follow SEO best practices to ensure your Website is 100% compliant with search engine guidelines.
  • Phase III – Full custom strategy insertion. SEO customization consistently results in increased impressions, rankings, and traffic for targeted pages.


Upon completion of a project, Sirius provides the following deliverables to summarize our findings:

  • Audit Summary
  • Keyword & Rankings Document
  • Site Crawl Report
  • Customization Report
  • Work Summary