User Experience Design

Helping deliver great customer experiences

From ideation, to conceptualization to delivery, Sirius helps clients create and deliver game-changing customer experiences through our User Experience (UX) Design Services.

It’s not just about strategy. It’s not just about technology. It’s about achieving business results.

User experience is more than just the interface you use – it’s about delivering a great user experience for every user you engage. Based on your organization’s goals, Sirius can help translate your business objectives into a strategy and deliver a solution that provides value to your customers and differentiates you in the market(s) you serve.

We will start by reviewing your current system to gain a holistic understanding of your digital ecosystem so we can develop and deliver a balanced approach that aligns with both your customer and business needs. This process includes research, reviewing your current design and user journeys, and discovering the personas of your users. We can then create a roadmap to help better engage your customers through a unified brand experience that includes better optimization through data-driven decisions and improved brand cohesiveness to enhance your competitive advantage. UX includes:

  • Interaction design – defining the structure and behaviors you use to interact with users.
  • Interface design – engaging users to complete their tasks.
  • Visual design – the aesthetic look and feel.
  • Information architecture – how the information is organized.
  • Written language – using software to resolve the user’s existing knowledge and instincts.

Sirius helps you bring everything together visually and structurally to transform your strategy into system that provides great user experiences and enables them to get what you want them to get out of your site.